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Miss World 2023 to be held in Kashmir

Miss World 2023 to be held in Kashmir
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SRINAGAR, Aug 29: 71st Miss World 2023 contest is set to be held in Kashmir later this year with 140 participating countries.

This was disclosed at a breakfast press briefing in Srinagar on Tuesday.

The press briefing was attended by Miss World, Karolina Bielawski, Miss India, Sini Shetty, Miss World Caribbean, Emmy Pena and Miss World England Jessica Gagen and Miss World America Shree Saini and Miss Asia Pricilia Carla Saputri Yules.

“Kashmir has everything and it is the best place to host an event like Miss World. I am so grateful to see the beautiful place in India, the beautiful lakes here, everyone has welcomed us nicely. The hospitality we got was wonderful. It would be exciting to see 140 countries participating in the event. Every place has its own beauty, but the pleasant hospitality here has been overwhelming”, Karolina Bielawski said.


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